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.nugthat goes beta
.nugthat goes beta

a new way...

Nuggets Unlimited's .nugthat product and website have recently gone beta, with their beta player, beta player pro and beta compiler available for free download. fluid creations has been working with Nuggets in preparation of its launch, including site design, back end implementation and .nug content creation.

Nuggets offers a suite of 3 products. Its free player allows you to pool together links and other embedded forms of information into a single file, together with comments regarding individual entries. The result can be shared with friends or colleagues as a single file.

The "PlayerPro" can be used to create .nug files with more personalised content and control over access and the user's experience. Together with the Nuggets Compiler, unique .nugs can be created containing protected or unprotected content, appearing in any shape and size, allowing .nugs to target almost any conceivable market. Download the beta software and see detailed examples at www.nugthat.com.