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Conveying complex business concepts and products is far from easy; however with the tools available in the digital world such complexities can be communicated with elegance while still retaining their intricacy.

In order to promote concepts and products effectively, we employ a variety of mediums and strategies that enable us to tailor content and content delivery to your needs:

  • Web Presence
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Corporate Communication
  • Technology Innovation

Web Presence

The Internet is often the first stop for your potential customer, competitor and even employees. All too commonly, a company's presence on the Internet reflects the over-zealous nature of design houses and seldom the intention or ability of the company. A website, while not a marketing panacea should always be central to marketing, PR and corporate identity efforts.

Rather than being a concession to the digital age the value of mass-marketing to the individual should be embraced and no advantage that Web Presence can provide should be disregarded.

Multimedia Presentation

While the Internet is undoubtedly the medium of choice for communication to the mass market, the impact of tailored hard-media cannot be underestimated. From stand-alone software content and DVDs to CD business cards and widescreen demonstrations, we have produced offline marketing and PR content for a multitude of purposes.

Using bespoke software creations and often the entire array of multimedia techniques, such media gives you the ability to promote the entire business from its broadest concepts to the deepest levels using every means available with which to convey your company's message.

Corporate Communication

In larger corporations, business units often have to communicate and even market between each other. In such cases the level of detail and sensitive nature of content requires a deep level of analysis while working under Non Disclosure.

fluid creations have worked extensively under such conditions to create highly-specialised and sensitive internal marketing tools that allow business units to increase their visibility and create common, company-wide policy.

Technology Innovation

The evolution of technology within business is habitually limited to technological innovation, externally. Seldom do businesses introduce truly unique marketing products (unless that is their goal in which case that is the product they sell).

fluid creations does not keep at the forefront of technological advance solely to utilise the best technology available; it also allows us to create products that are only available thus far in the imagination. Given our propensity for innovation and custom-made solutions, we are a company perfectly aligned to deliver concept into reality.